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About Us


A few years back, in 2018, one of the owners, Michelle, was faced with a life altering injury from a simple fall. She ended up in either a hospital or nursing home for roughly 8 months learning simple things again. Her determination and desire to be back home with her family, especially her young daughter at the time, is not only where this business was born, but where the knowledge & desire to help others get back themselves more than anything. 


It is our greatest hope to start a non-profit foundation where a portion of all sales goes to helping those who have either suffered a serious injury or are recovering from a serious illness. Physical rehabilitation should not happen in nursing homes. Unfortunately, they have no resources or support to help the patients get back home. This is where we'd like to be able to help. Among many other needs, people may have the need for a service animal to be able to help them with day to day life.

We are planning on breeding Aussiedoodle puppies, as they are known for service animals and are medium-sized dogs and a person may not have any or as many allergic reactions if they are allergic to pets. This is due to the breed being half poodle. This was the  reason in the 1990s, a service dog trainer, first introduced this breed. Out of every littler, one or two pups will be donated to someone who needs a service animal but can not afford one. This is only one way we plan to help those who are unfortunately usually overlooked. 


We ask for your business and support to help make this become a reality!

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If you have any questions or would like more information please feel free to contact us

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